Test Results

A minimum score of 80 is required to pass the written examination. A score of 61 to 79 will be eligible for retesting; any score of 60 or below will require attending the class again.

  • Re-testing is offered on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday before noon.
  • Written exam scores between 61-79 have thirty days to come to the Hot Mix Asphalt Center to re-test.
  • The student/technician will have the allotted time to complete the examination based on the certification level they are re-testing on.
  • The Hot Mix Asphalt Center Instructor or Staff member will not assist any student/technician with any math, formulas or questions pertaining to the manual. Only clarification of the wording of a question will be allowed. Guidance in any other way will not be given.

May 14 Level 1A

May 13 Level 1A

May 10 SB101

May 9 Level 1B

May 9 SB101

May 8 Level 1B

May 8 SB201

May 7 Level 1B

May 7 SB201

May 6 Level 1B

May 6 SB201

May 3 Level 2

April 30 SB101

April 29 SB101

April 23 AGG101

April 22 Level 1A

April 18 Level 1A

April 17 Level 1A

April 17 SB101

April 16 SB103

April 15 SB102

April 10 Level 1B Arlington

April 9 Level 1B Arlington

April 8 Level 1B Arlington

April 5 Level 1A

April 4 SB102

April 4 Level 1A