All Specialists (Level 1A, AGG101, SB101, SB201, and SB202) are required to participate in the Federal Highway Administration’s Annual Proficiency Program. Mandatory participation is required in order to meet the Federal Highway Administration’s requirements.

If a Specialist does not participate in all aspects of the proficiency program, their certification will become inactive. These Specialists will not be allowed to perform QC/QA testing on any TxDOT project until they successfully complete the course again at the HMAC. If (Level 1A, AGG101, SB101, and SB201) certification becomes inactive due to lack of participation in the proficiency program, the (Level 2, SB201, and SB202) certification will also become inactive.


Download the AGG101 Proficiency Worksheet and Instructions

Download the SB101 Proficiency Worksheet and Instructions

Download the SB201 and SB202 Worksheet and Instructions

Reminder: Keep your worksheet until you have received your final proficiency report.


View the SB & AGG Proficiency Program Timeline

View the Level 1A Proficiency Program Timeline

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SB101, SB201, and SB202: HMACSOILS