Federally Mandated Annual Proficiency

All (Level 1A Plant Production Specialists, SB101 Properties Specialist and SB 201 Strength Specialists) are required to participate in the Federal Highway Administration’s Annual Proficiency Program. Participation in this proficiency testing program is mandatory in order to meet the Federal Highway Administration’s requirements listed in 23CFR637, “Quality Assurance Procedures for Construction.”

Some of the benefits of proficiency testing are: reducing variation in testing, helping identify equipment and procedural problems and reducing the number of disputes that may arise because of testing variation between two or more laboratories. It is important to note that proficiency testing is not a competition. Results are compared to statewide averages, not to known values. All ratings and rankings are indicators of how representative a particular laboratory is of the “average laboratory in the state”.

In order to participate in the Annual Proficiency Program, Specialist must log into the Hot Mix Asphalt Center’s website at www.txhmac.org to update personal information, including a freight address that samples will be delivered to. Samples will not be shipped to P.O. Boxes.

TxDOT will send the proficiency samples. Specialists are allowed approximately one month to perform the tests and submit results. After performing tests on proficiency samples, results must be entered on the HMAC website for analysis by a deadline set forth by TxDOT.

Once rankings are posted, each technician must check rankings. Any rankings of two or below must respond to the low rating by another deadline determined by TxDOT.

If a Specialists does not participate in all aspects of the proficiency program their certification will become inactive. These Specialists will not be allowed to perform QC/QA testing on any TxDOT project until they successfully complete the course again at the Hot Mix Asphalt Center.

Since Level 1A is a pre-requisite to Level 2, if a specialist loses Level 1A Certification the Level 2 Certification is automatically inactive.