Agg 101

Agg 101 (formly Level 1C) Certification is a one-day certification course that certifies an individual’s ability to sample and test aggregates according to TxDOT Test Procedures and Specifications. There is no demonstration or training; individuals must come prepared to pass examinations of associated test procedures through demonstration, verbal and practical methods. Once the evaluations are successfully completed, a final written examination is administered. A score of 80% or higher is necessary to obtain certification. This class is not a required course or pre-requisite for other courses.

Test Procedures covered:

Tex107-E, Determining the Bar Linear Shrinkage of Soils
Tex-200-F, Sieve Analysis of Fine and Coarse Aggregates (Part 1 & 2)
Tex-203-F, Sand Equivalent
Tex-212-F, Determining Moisture Content of Bituminous Mixtures (Part 2)
Tex-217-F, Determining Deleterious Material and Decantation Test for Coarse Aggregates
Tex-221-F, Sampling Aggregate for Bituminous Mixtures, Surface Treatments and LRA
Tex-224-F, Determinig Flakiness Index
Tex-280-F, Determining Flat and Elongated Particles
Tex-400-A, Sampling Flexible Base, Stone, Gravel, Sand and Mineral Aggregates
Tex-401-A, Sieve Analysis of Fine and Coarse Aggregate
Tex-402-A, Fineness Modulus of Fine Aggregate
Tex-406-A, Decantation Test for Concrete Aggregate
Tex-408-A, Organic Impurities in Fine Aggregate
Tex-413-A, Determining Deleterious Material in Mineral Aggregate
Tex-460-A, Determining Crushed Face Particle Count
Tex-461-A, Degradation of Coarse Aggregate by Micro-Deval Abrasion


Every three (3) years all Agg 101 Aggregate Specialists are required to re-certify unless they have been certified for nine consecutive years. Re-certification consists of attending the one-day certification class.

A Specialist can re-certify up to one year prior to the expiration date. If certification expires the specialist may not perform any Agg 101 responsibilities on a TxDOT project and will be required to attend a Agg 101 Certification class to re-certify.