The SB202 Mix Design Specialist certification is a one-day certification course that certifies an individual’s ability to properly sample and test soils and flexible base compressive strength properties in accordance with TxDOT Test Procedures. There is no demonstration or training; individuals must come prepared to pass examinations of associated test procedures through demonstration, verbal and practical methods. Once the evaluations are successfully completed, a final written examination is administered. A score of 80% or higher is necessary to obtain certification.

Test Procedures covered:

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A current SB101 and SB201 certificate is required to participate in this class.


Every three (3) years all SB202 Compressive Strength Specialists are required to re-certify. The re-certification course is a three day course offered throughout the year at the HMAC.

A Specialist can attend a re-certification class up to one year prior to expiration.

Training Class

The SB202 Training classes will be three-days in length and focus on providing a basic understanding and knowledge of the TxDOT Test Procedures and Specifications. These classes are not pre-requisites to any certification class and participants will not earn certification.

Federally Mandated Annual Proficiency

The Texas Department of Transportation requires all SB202 Strength Specialists to participate in an Annual Proficiency Program. Participation in this program is MANDATORY. Failure to participate will result in inactive certification.

To learn more about the proficiency program, click here.