Optimizing Mix Design

What you need to know to maximize quality and bonuses.

As part of TXAPA’s Specification Education initiative, Optimizing Mix Design for Quality and Bonuses covers SS 3077 Mix Designs for 2020 specification changes.

Jimmy Whited of Austin Materials and Ryan Barborak of TxDOT join TXAPA’s Jim Warren and Chuck Fuller discuss best practices for optimizing mix designs to improve quality and achieve maximum bonuses.

• Understand why the specification gradation limits were changed and what balanced mix design has to do with the changes
• How to analyze your current mixes and materials to adjust to the new specification
• Using key sieves to control your mix design
• Targeting your new gradation
• Trial mix to production: steps for success
• How quality and bonuses interrelate
• Estimating your bonus potential for a project
• Tracking your bonus the right way